Red Crayfish


Catching crayfish is so much fun that I am sure there are people who would like to see what it is like. Over the years I have collected a few scenes from several lakes showing how I enjoy this hobby of mine. To say nothing of the fun of cooking them and then, of course, eating them in pleasant company.

The quality of the videos you'll see here is not professional. After all, I am not a professional film maker. Still, if you are like me, you may get inspiration from it to go ahead and do something much better. At least I'll try to improve on the sound in the near future.I hope that my scenes may inspire some people to also try to catch their own crayfish. Together I know we will have had lots of fun, and maybe one day we can get together and compare notes.

Have fun watching the short videos. And if you have some suggestions, please contact me.

To start a video, click on the movie arrow. The video snippets will last between one and two minutes.(The first movie is a repeat of what is on the HOME web page.)

To play the Trappy demonstration, click on the movie arrow below.

The video below has nothing to do with crayfish or traps. But when I watched this video I became so impressed that I just had to make sure you also had a chance to see it. It made me proud to see the US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team perform among other NATO countries in Norway last year. Take a good look!

Here is a video about making a crayfish trot line. (It also shows as part of the "How to catch" web page on the trot line link) If you have several traps that you plan to place, making a trot line for them may keep them safer in the lake while catching crayfish.

Red Crayfish
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