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Here is Trapper Arne's web site about crayfish, the low carb, Omega 3 rich, organically grown protein food. I'll introduce you to a fascinating hobby, the hobby of catching, cooking and eating crayfish. I will also cover the biological topic of crayfish as well as some historical. But most of my web site will show how to catch this free, interesting and nutritious source of food that is abundant in so many of our states in the US.

Greetings, Welcome to the Trapper Arne Website

Trapper Arne

Here is Trapper Arne Sr. with a couple of his Jumbo crayfish traps

You will Catch More Crayfish
with Traps from
Trapper Arne

See what happens when you pull up a Trapper Arne trap !!

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You'll find the topic of crayfish divided into seeveral subjects on the menu bar above. Click on any of the menues to go to that subject. There are individual pages with details of each type of crayfish trap we offer.